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For the last eight years, Mr. Powers has worked for Franklin, TN-based Medical Reimbursements of America, Inc. In his current role, he leads the Legal Department of MRA supporting Account Management, Operations, and the overall business of providing accident claims investigation and liability billing services for over 250 hospitals across the country. A sought-after presenter and author, Mr. Powers oversees a legal team of licensed attorneys, paralegals, and support staff. In addition to his corporate legal responsibilities, Mr. Powers advises on operational issues including managed care, ERISA, Medicare/Medicaid, MSP Compliance, workers’ compensation, and third-party recoveries as well as HIPAA/HITECH compliance.
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The Hidden Dangers of Liability Billing

Posted by Chad Powers on Sep 28, 2015 5:09:00 PM

Class Action Lawsuits for inappropriate billing of Liability Insurance represent a growing threat to hospitals across the nation. For nearly 15 years, Medical Reimbursements of America (MRA) has helped hospitals avoid the hidden dangers of incorrectly billing Liability insurance for accident claims.  MRA’s legal team has tracked several suits that have arisen due to incorrect interpretations of contracts related to Liability insurance billing for accident claims. In each of these lawsuits, the provider has incorrectly pursued Liability insurance primary to the patient’s Commercial Health insurance. A summary of these lawsuits is presented below in order to help hospital billing offices avoid compliance-related Class Action Lawsuits in the future.

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501(r) and the Impact on Complex Accident Claims

Posted by Chad Powers on Sep 28, 2015 5:06:00 PM

Minimize your Hospital’s Exposure to Financial Clawback

Recently the IRS released final regulations for 501(r) that have led to a number of questions around financial assistance and collections policies for 501(c)(3) providers. The impact of 501(r) on accident claims tends to be overlooked because accident claims typically account for less than 3% of outstanding accounts receivables. However, when managed properly, accident claim reimbursements can significantly improve financial performance. It is imperative that providers properly adhere to the new requirements defined in Section 501(r) in order to compliantly maximize revenues on accident claims and prevent potential clawbacks from FAP-eligible patients.

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